Friend denies England fan took drugs before death in Bulgaria

A buddy of this England supporter who died in police custody has pushed back against hints he had used drugs .
Following traveling to see England play with Bulgaria in a Euro 2020 qualifier robert Spray died in Sofia.
Mr Spray, by Heath Hayes at Cannock, Staffordshire, was said to have been discovered at ahelpless state at the middle of the town and taken to hospital.
Police said he began to act aggressively and the authorities were called Mr Spray died while being transported to a police station and it was suggested that hed used medication.
The 32-year-old went as a member of a set of 11 friends such as youth friend Andrew McMath, who organised the trip because of his very own birthday parties.
Talking to The Telegraph, Mr McMath said that his buddy was disregarded because ofhooligan after his death and suggestions Mr Spray was taking drugs were being used to prevent different explanations.
He said:Rob was not carrying any drugs. There were no drugs. The trip, Ive not seen him use any medications or try to find. It just feels to be a simple matter to say.
Mr McMath said Mr Spray left their hotel room on Monday as his friends supposed he intended to buy food or cigarettes.
His buddies saw reports on social websites a 32-year-old was taken to hospital before being informed Mr Spray had died.
Mr McMath stated that the British football fans had been treated during the trip.
He continued:It felt like everybody just looked at us as England hooligans or yobs and, from what people have said, it feels like thats the way hed have been treated at the hospital as well.
Hes never caused any trouble. He is the person since he makes you laugh you wish to come on vacation and he is just good to be about.
You can find the idiots, but we were minding our own business and the authorities came and pushed one lad at the rear of the neck and said,get gone police mobile 10 moments.
He added that Mr Spray could have beenscared to death to have awakened in an international hospital as an infrequent traveller whod been too afraid to go to Russia for the past years World Cup.
The visit to Bulgaria has been the very first excursion of Mr Spray to see England play abroad.
Reports from the Bulgarian authorities are expected to be published on Friday, according to local media.
It is not yet known when Mr Sprays body will be returned however a effort to raise funds to repatriate his body had reached more than #21,000 on Thursday.
Mr Sprays family members and friends have known to the Foreign Office to start an investigation.
The Foreign and Commonwealth Office previously said:Were encouraging the family of a British man who died following an event in Sofia, and our employees are in touch with the UK and Bulgarian authorities.

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